we support emerging founderswe support emerging founders

Our mission is to advance cooperative and worker-centric labour models in the Canadian interactive digital arts sector.

what we do

We’ve funded and mentored 15 Canadian indie studios since 2021.

who we are

The Baby Ghosts Studio Development Fund formed from the work of Weird Ghosts, a Canadian impact fund that invests in early-stage video game studios run by underrepresented founders. Learn more about us.

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Curious about our funding and education programs? Interested in supporting? You can reach our co-executive directors, Dr. Eileen Mary Holowka, and Jennie Robinson Faber, at hello@babyghosts.fund.


Cohort 3 Wrap-Up
May 1, 2024

Our third cohort of the Peer Accelerator has wrapped up, and we’re so proud of the work they’ve done!

We're recruiting for our Board!
February 15, 2024

Baby Ghosts is forming its inaugural board of directors, and we’d love you to join us!

Say hello to Baby Ghosts
October 31, 2023

Today, we officially unveil Baby Ghosts, the nonprofit arm of Weird Ghosts. Baby Ghosts is founded with a mission close to our hearts: to expand access to startup supports such as grants and business education, to build our thriving community, and to make a material impact on the sector with our research.

Introducing Cohort 3!
October 31, 2023

We’re excited to announce that, thanks to funding from Clever Endeavour and Weird Ghosts/Infinite Ammo, we were able to accept 7 studios to our new grant and accelerator cohort.

”But we are a play community, and playing the way we do, for fun, for everyone’s fun, in public – our fun little community becomes something else. To those who want to be seen as people who embrace life, embrace each other, embrace spontaneity, freedom, laughter; we are an alternative. An invitation. We play as if the game isn’t important. The rules aren’t important. As if the only really important thing is each other.” – Bernie DeKoven