we support emerging founderswe support emerging founders

Our mission is to increase diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility in the Canadian video game industry and help create more sustainable, worker-centric studio models.

what we do

  • provide grants to video game studios run by underrepresented founders.
  • foster an engaged community of founders, experts, and supporters.
  • conduct research on funding in Canada, and advocate for change.

We’ve funded and mentored 10 Canadian indie studios since 2021.

We are currently supporting 7 new studios for 2023!

Meet our founders.

who we are

The Baby Ghosts Studio Development Fund is the nonprofit arm of Weird Ghosts, a Canadian impact fund that invests in early-stage video game studios run by underrepresented founders. Learn more about us.

get in touch

Curious about our funding and education programs? Interested in supporting? You can reach our co-executive directors, Dr. Eileen Mary Holowka, and Jennie Robinson Faber, at hello@babyghosts.fund.


Say hello to Baby Ghosts
October 31, 2023

Today, we officially unveil Baby Ghosts, the nonprofit arm of Weird Ghosts. Baby Ghosts is founded with a mission close to our hearts: to expand access to startup supports such as grants and business education, to build our thriving community, and to make a material impact on the sector with our research.

Introducing Cohort 3!
October 31, 2023

We’re excited to announce that, thanks to funding from Clever Endeavour and Weird Ghosts/Infinite Ammo, we were able to accept 7 studios to our new grant and accelerator cohort.