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about us

Baby Ghosts is a nonprofit dedicated to improving funding opportunities for for video game studios led by underrepresented founders across Canada.

We support studios with grants, education, and community to build strong, impactful teams that are shaping the future of games. We focus on studio development – not just project funding.

Our grant and accelerator program provides a $25,000 no-strings-attached grant, and six months of tailored, structured business development education via our mentor network and partners.

To date, we have supported 10 studios across 5 provinces.


“The Baby Ghosts program not only gave my studio financial security for this year, it also gave me access to an inspiring and inclusive community of peers, collaborators and mentors.”
- Sam Ramsay, Cheekynauts Entertainment

”Receiving the Baby Ghosts grant and being connected with the Weird Ghosts community was a dream come true. I was granted the resources and opportunity to take my project STREET UNI X to the next level through some months of full-time development focus after years of only working on the project in my off time between day jobs.”
- daffodil, daffodil & friends


Baby Ghosts was founded in 2023 by partners Eileen Mary Holowka, PhD, and Jennie Robinson Faber. Eileen and Jennie each have over a decade of experience in community building with underrepresented game developers, media arts administration, and development. They are also the co-founders of Weird Ghosts.

board of directors

  • Adaora Ogbue (ON)
  • Ed Lago (BC)
  • Elisabeth Rose Astwood (QC)
  • John Rathiganthan (ON)
  • Kenzie Gordon (AB)
  • Nia St Nicolous (ON)
  • Thomas Dang (YT)



You can reach our team at