research & impactresearch & impact

Our mission extends beyond financial support. We’re advocating for a more equitable and transparent funding environment in Canada. Our research leads to real, measurable impact.

our work

We’re committed to ethical research, data analysis, and dissemination on the landscape of indie game studio funding. This work comprises:

  • Data collection
    Reviewing and analyzing DEI policies and funding methodologies.
  • Community surveys
    Probing the ecosystem through community feedback.
  • Knowledge sharing
    Regular blog posts to share what we’ve learned.
  • Industry engagement
    Participation in interviews, panels, and conferences.
  • Impact measurement
    Gauging and narrating our social imprint within the industry.

Our exploration into equitable funding for Canadian game studios kicked off with a survey in 2021. We gathered firsthand insights from the heart of the community, learning about the experiences and challenges faced by indie game studio founders. Read our report.

Our findings were eye-opening. We discovered a stark disparity in funding access, particularly for marginalized creators, with consequences that cascade throughout the industry. The need for more inclusive funding is obvious. But how do we make change? We’re working on that.

conversations with funders

A big aspect of our advocacy is starting conversations with funders to highlight the equity roadblocks in existing funding models. We plan to design and propose inclusive funding approaches that truly centre game studio founders and their needs, with an emphasis on eliminating common barriers for underrepresented devs.

metrics of change

Our Impact Measurement Framework (IMF) is a tool we designed to evaluate our advocacy efforts. It helps us track the shifts in funding distribution and gauge the industry’s grasp on and response to equity challenges.

academia and industry collaborations

We’re keen to collaborate with academia and industry experts across Canada to build a nationwide narrative on equitable game funding, enriching the industry with diverse experiences and viewpoints.

public benefit

The ripple effect of our research and advocacy is a more inclusive, accessible, and equitable Canadian video game industry. This means not only new opportunities for creativity to flourish but also a more diverse and representative game arts culture in Canada.