We're recruiting for our Board!

February 15, 2024

Applications are now closed, but we’re always looking for volunteers! If you’re interested in getting involved, please reach out.

Baby Ghosts is forming its inaugural board of directors, and we’d love you to join us! We are open to bringing on folks without nonprofit governance experience – if that’s you, we have a bit of an explainer below to give you a better sense of how one operates, and what the time and participation expectations are. We should also be clear that the board operates on a strictly voluntary basis.

Here’s what our accountability structure looks like:

  • Staff (currently, Jennie and Eileen) are accountable to the board of directors
  • The board is accountable to our members, community, funders, and stakeholders

In a nutshell 🥜, our community sets the agenda, our board ensures the community’s needs are met, and staff do the day-to-day work and report to the board. Our community holds the power.

Core Responsibilities

  • Uphold our mission, mandate, and values
  • Oversee operations and direct staff
  • Attend regular board meetings online (we are fully remote, and the board sets its own schedule)
  • Participate in decision-making processes about finances, programming, policies, staffing, and social impact strategy (2-5 hrs per month on Slack)
  • Actively engage in learning about our activities
  • Recruit, select, orient, and train new board members down the road
  • Ensure transparency and accountability in relationships with Weird Ghosts, Gamma Space, partners, major donors, sponsors, members, and other stakeholders
  • Complete or reaffirm anti-racism/anti-oppression training (we’ll pay for it)
  • Form and oversee committees (e.g., fundraising, programs)

You do not have to be based in Canada, although that is our preference.

We can go into more detail and share what work needs to be done on an annual basis if we move forward with an interview.

Board Diversity

We are primarily seeking to form a diverse board that is representative of our community, particularly anyone at any intersection of the following identities:

  • Black, Indigenous, and racialized people
  • trans people
  • gender-marginalized people
  • people with disabilities
  • queer folks
  • people who have experienced barriers or discrimination in the game industry

Understanding nonprofit accountability structure

Board of Directors

The board of directors holds significant governance authority and is responsible for strategic direction, policy development, and oversight of Baby Ghosts’ operations. It is collectively accountable to the membership/community and should reflect its diversity.

The board operates under a directors’ code of conduct that emphasizes collaborative decision-making, confidentiality, and unified communication. Directors ensure decisions are made ethically, transparently, and in consultation with the community.

The board monitors and evaluates its own performance, with feedback and input from members.


Staff, led by the co-executive directors, do day-to-day management and implementation of programs and initiatives. They answer to the board and execute its strategic plans. Staff require a high degree of autonomy.

Staff work closely with the board, providing feedback on program reach and impact. This two-way communication ensures that board decisions reflect on-the-ground experience and that staff have a voice in shaping the direction​​​​ of our org.


Members are the Baby Ghosts we are serving through our work. We centre member feedback, participation, and engagement in shaping our programs and policies. We do this through surveys, regular check-ins, open communication channels, and a focus on building supportive and safe community spaces.

Baby Ghosts empowers its community by creating a sense of belonging and actively involving members in mentorship, program development, and advocacy efforts. Our goal is to create collective power from the ground up!